Discover the most seven famous Tien Giang specialties

Tien Giang is a province in the west of the river, there are always interesting things that only when we learn, we can feel all.
Tien Giang is a province in the west of the river, there are always interesting things that only when we learn, we can feel all.

Traveling to Tien Giang is an opportunity for you to observe all the beauty of the scenery and people here as well as enjoy the attractive specialties of Tien Giang. Let's find out with SaoTeen right away the unique Western dishes in this land of Tien Giang!

My Tho noodle soup - Tien Giang specialty is extremely outstanding

Along with famous brands such as Nam Vang, Sa Dec, My Tho noodle soup is a name that is too familiar to people in the South.

My Tho noodle soup from color to taste is very beautiful, the noodles are white and small, chewy but still crispy in a special way. This dish is eaten with shrimp, squid, pork, chicken gut, heart, ... Depending on the taste of visitors, and is combined with raw vegetables and herbs such as chives, lettuce, bean sprouts, and celery…

The core that makes the difference of noodles in different regions is the broth. The broth here is cooked from bone broth, adding a little salty taste of dried shrimp, grilled squid, radish.

All the above ingredients are stewed to create a rich and nutritious broth.

Banana with coconut

Referring to the land of Tien Giang without mentioning the delicious and rustic coconut banana dish, you will regret it! This typical Tien Giang dish includes green banana and grated coconut as the main ingredients. Bananas are usually boiled until they are soft, then mixed with grated coconut, thinly sliced coconut, and pounded in a mortar, seasoned with salt and sugar until the flavor is enough. The last step is to add a beautiful part to the dish, people sprinkle some golden roasted peanuts on top.

Banana with coconut is delicious itself, but when eaten with all kinds of piper lolot, crab claws herb, lettuce, herbs, etc. And dipping with sweet and sour dipping sauce, it is strange and attractive many times.

You can feel the sweet, sour, and spicy taste on the tip of your tongue from fish sauce, lemon, garlic, chili, etc.

Grilled snakehead fish - a specialty of Tien Giang is also a specialty of the West

Grilled snakehead fish dish evokes people the fields of a peaceful village, where there are dikes, kites, and catching crabs and snails in the afternoon. Snakehead fish has just been caught, so it is still fresh and processed in the old style. People will skew fish into the branches of the brocade tree and bake on the wood stove to bring up a fragrant aroma.

At a certain time, the fish is cooked and people can enjoy it, the skin of the fish will be slightly smoky but the meat inside is still guaranteed to be cooked evenly and deliciously.

When enjoying the fish that has been on fire until cooked, people put the fish on a banana leaf boat, remove the fish from the skewers, add a little grated banana tree, water lily, chives, lettuce, ... to both decorate and eat with. Eating snakehead fish can be dipped with chili salt. This is a rustic dish but worth a try when coming to this place.

Grilled Pork in Rice Market (Cha)

Grilled Pork in Rice Market is one of the specialties of Tien Giang that not only people living far from home, even tourists who have eaten before, feel nostalgic. This dish is made on the occasion of the death anniversary or Tet holiday.

The ingredients for making grilled pork rolls include lean shoulder meat, red onion, garlic, duck eggs, rice paper, banana leaves, assorted vegetables...

People make grilled pork rolls through the following stages: Boil the meat and then slice it thinly, stir-fry it with onions and garlic until fragrant, then mix it with duck eggs, garlic, pepper, fish sauce, and seasoning. Cha is baked by people in a cast iron pot to cook deep but still retain the desired color.

If you don't want Cha to stick to the pot, you have to line it with a layer of banana leaves, this is also a way to make it more fragrant and attractive. Cha is best when grilled with charcoal, the cooked pieces will be thinly sliced, rolled with rice paper, herbs and dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce.

Go Cong shrimp paste - Tien Giang specialty with a long tradition

Go Cong shrimp paste was formerly a special dish only used to advance the king during the Nguyen Dynasty, the main ingredients include 3 things: fresh shrimp, garlic, and chili.

In Go Cong village alone, 20 kilns are producing delicious shrimp paste with different recipes. This kind of dipping sauce used to dip boiled meat, roll rice paper and fresh vermicelli is the most suitable and delicious.

Cooked sea fish

Cooked sea fish is an interesting way of processing with its characteristics of Westerners. This type of dish will cook as a cross between soup and stock. Fish does not need to be scaled, just wash, marinate spices with salt, chili, onion, lemon, and vinegar, then cook until cooked.

The accompanying vegetables such as young bananas, bananas, raw sprouts, basil, cinnamon, pineapple, tomatoes ... will help increase the attractiveness of the dish.

Lo Ren star apple - a famous specialty fruit in Tien Giang

The land of the West is too famous for its variety and abundance of fruits. Going to the West, you can freely enjoy the delicious fruit garden and forget the way home. One of the most popular fruits among tourists is the Lo Ren star apple.

When the star apple is ripe, the inside is pure white, succulent, sweet taste, and gentle cool aroma.

The outer star apple has a glossy shape, the fruit is large, round, and very heavy. The star apple season is usually around September to April of the next lunar year, so you can travel on this occasion to get lost in the famous star apple paradise of Tien Giang!

The land of Tien Giang and the specialties of Tien Giang is worth it for you to experience an attractive and interesting trip, isn't it? Pack your backpack and explore now!