The most ten famous Dien Bien tourist sites

Dien Bien is not only known as a heroic land in history, but in peacetime, it also has many famous scenic spots. What does Dien Bien have to play? Let's explore with Easygo!

Pha Din Pass

Pha Din Pass is the border between Dien Bien and Son La provinces. This is one of the "four great passes of the Northwest" with Ma Pi Leng pass, O Quy Ho pass, and Khau Pha pass. The pass is located at an altitude of more than 1,000m above sea level.

Pha Din Pass is one of the winding roads and has strong sharp turns of the Northwest. The road to the top of the pass will make you startled by the challenging passages, one side is Pha Din abyss, you will experience the winding roads, sharp turns with the deep abyss.

When conquering the top of the pass, you will feel extremely excited because the mountains, clouds, and mountains are floating behind the clouds, and in the distance are the villages of ethnic minorities.

A Pa Chai Westernmost

The A Pa Chai westernmost is a border area, bordering territory between 3 countries: Vietnam - Laos - China in Sin Thau commune - Muong Nhe district - Dien Bien province.

People often have a funny saying that: Here, 1 rooster crows, 3 countries can hear it, implying that this is a sensitive political-military and territorial area of 3 countries.

Here mainly Ha Nhi ethnic people live. The altitude of this westernmost is nearly 2000m above sea level, so it is also suitable for those who love to explore.

Muong Thanh field

Muong Thanh field is the leading field in the 4 largest fields in the Northwest, famous for the sentence:

"Nhat Thanh, Nhi Lo, Tam Than, Tu Tac"

First Thanh: Muong Thanh

Second Lo: Muong Lo

Third Than: Muong Than

Fourth Tac: Muong Tac.

The field runs along the banks of the Nam Rom River and suddenly spreads out like a flower petal in the mountains and forests, embracing historical relics of a time, soaked with the blood and tears of wars.

The beauty of the fields in Muong Thanh field will surely make you satisfied by the alternating green and yellow fields, straight and endlessly stretching.

Sometimes in the fields dotted with a few rows of trees to shade the people who work in the fields. All create an extremely rich and eye-catching beauty.

Pa Thom Cave

The cave is located to the west of Dien Bien in the territory of 2 communes: Pa Thom and Na U. The cave is located in the middle of the mountain of the same name with a giant stone block in the middle. People also call it Tham Nang Lai or Tien Hoa cave.

Pa Thom Cave is famous for many legends and myths about love between couples. The cave is more than 350m long and about 20m wide with 9 large and small arches.

Dien Bien Phu Victory Monument

Dien Bien Phu Victory Monument includes:

Dien Bien Phu Victory Monument and Museum

Hill A1, C1, C2, D1

A1 Hill Martyrs Cemetery

General Do Cat's bunker

Muong Thanh Bridge and Airport

Hong Cum base, Him Lam

The Dien Bien Phu Campaign Command...

This is a relic area that covered the whole Dien Bien pan area - the place where the fierce battle and victory of our army and people in the battle of Dien Bien Phu in 1954 took place against the French colonial army that day.

Hua Pe Hot Mineral Spring

Hua Pe Hot Spring is one of the rare mineral springs in Dien Bien. Springs are formed because somewhere in the water, suddenly there are much hot water flows all year round. And then they suddenly poured into Nam Pe stream and settled in Hua Pe.

A special feature of this place is that the hot water stream is not only able to bath but also drinkable with many pools including 1 water tank, 2 large swimming pools, and a couple of double swimming pools.

Hang Tom Bridge

Hang Tom Bridge is the largest cable car bridge in Vietnam – before My Thuan Bridge was built. This is a bridge connecting two provinces of the Northwest, Lai Chau, and Dien Bien, spanning the Da River and surrounded by rolling hills.

Da River has winding bends, gurgling water, but this section is quite quiet, so everyone wants to be small once in front of everything here when standing on a bridge, in the middle of a deep river, a waterfall, a dangerous mountain, and white clouds drifting.

Pa Khoang Lake

This is a lake located in the middle of nature with majestic beauty, far from the lake there are mountain ranges, surrounded by a few small and lovely houses.

The attractive point of Pa Khoang Lake is that in winter, the lake has a lot of dew covering it, creating a romantic feeling like being in a heavenly place.

Summer is different, the air is cool by the gentle southerly wind and the charming scenery around the lake, romantic and calm to the absolute point.

In the lake, there are ethnic groups who are still preserving the cultural identity, customs, and habits of the Northwest region such as Thai, Kho Mu, etc.

Muong Phang cherry blossom garden

The majestic beauty of the mountains and forests cannot make you forget the feeling of discovering the beauty of Dien Bien. And Muong Phang cherry blossom garden is that attractive place!

This place is likened to a "land of the rising sun" with a miniature "land of cherry blossoms" between the Northwest mountains and forests. Moreover, there are primeval forests with old barren trees still reaching out, trying their best to cling to the ground over the years to survive.

If in the first days of the new year, get lost on the immense boats of Pa Khoang Lake and see hundreds of beautiful cherry trees stretching and blooming with their full wings and petals. There is nothing more romantic than that!

Here, there are not only cherry blossoms but also typical flowers of the temperate region, showing their beauty all year round. Every season is a different thing, the petals of wildflowers bloom again, coloring an island of flowers.