Check-in the five hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

What does Binh Thuan have to play? Binh Thuan is known as a coastal province with beautiful natural landscapes and impressive landscapes.

This is not only an ideal destination for domestic tourists but also stimulates the curiosity and discovery of many foreign tourists. Let's join Easygo to make a list of 7+ certain tourist destinations not to be missed for your trip to the land of Binh Thuan!

Lagi - What's the emerging "Co Dao" of the Vietnamese coastal village have to do in Binh Thuan?

If you are a sea lover, love the blue sea, white sand, and want to immerse yourself in the cool water of the sea, then come to Lagi Binh Thuan, all will not disappoint you.

La Gi town is located in the southwest of Binh Thuan province, 63 km from Phan Thiet city.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

150 km west of Ho Chi Minh City and 90 km southwest of Vung Tau city.

What is outstanding about La Gi town in Binh Thuan? This place emerges with many beautiful and poetic landscapes such as Doi Duong, Bai Duong Cam Binh, Ngan Tam Tan, Hon Ba, Dinh Thay Thim.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

And especially La Gi Port is one of the largest marine fishing ports in Binh Thuan Province and the South Central Coast region.

Lagi tourism will give visitors a new look at Lagi Binh Thuan, the feeling of watching the beauty of the sea while enjoying fresh seafood dishes and experiencing beautiful landscapes. That peaceful and adventurous scene will make visitors not want to leave.

Going to Binh Thuan to experience Bau Trang - paradise on earth

Bau Trang is a single freshwater lake in Binh Nhon, Hoa Da, and Binh Thuan. However, Bau Trang street and golden sand beach are the most famous.

This place is a place formed a long time ago. In the past, it was a rather large lake and later people built sand dams across this large lake to have a place to go through. Since then, from a large lake, it was suddenly divided into two parts: one side is a small lake and one side is a large lake.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

In addition to the two main lakes, Bau Trang has many other small lakes interspersed between countless other dunes with a total area that can be called the largest in the country with yellow dunes, red-orange sand, pure white sand - in which the highlight is the Virgin Sand Dunes.

Seeing the long stretch of white ones that you do not bring your camera or smartphone to capture and preserve the wonderful moments of nature is indeed a mistake to nature.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

The right time to shoot in Bau Trang is sunrise and sunset. Because this moment is very beautiful and will not waste your time.

What does Binh Thuan have? There is a so beautiful Co Thach beach

If anyone has ever set foot in the sea of Co Thach Binh Thuan, they must still remember a shimmering colorful beach covered with moss in March. What is so hot about Co Thach Binh Thuan beach?

It seems that, of all the seas that have passed, Co Thach is a place that should be saved separately with a name of "mystical sea", where visitors witness one surprise after another during their trip. go your own.

Always one of the famous beaches of Binh Thuan province, coming here visitors will enjoy relaxing and relaxing moments and countless interesting things around this sea will be gradually discovered.

To that rare sight, many tourists are so excited that they go to the sea very early, when the dawn has not yet crept through the dark clouds in the sky. Like waiting for a moment that is hard to find, the dawn on Co Thach beach is a very beautiful sight.

What else is there in the land of Binh Thanh Binh Thuan? Visit Co Thach Pagoda, the spiritual land of the land

Co Thach Pagoda is a temple with the land of the same name in Binh Thanh - Tuy Phong - Binh Thuan. This is a place to visit as well as worship of tourists and people in the South Central region.

Co Thach Pagoda is a temple with an interesting landscape and an attractive combined tourist destination because of its unique location, right at the foot of the beautiful Co Thach rock beach.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

True to its name, Co Thach Pagoda means "ancient stone temple" and has an extremely friendly name "Hang pagoda" - because the temple grounds have many unique caves.

The temple is favored by nature for its cool climate, year-round sunshine, and the sea breeze that is always cool and salty. Unlike other temples located deep in the mainland, Co Thach Pagoda has an open space and is ideal for purity.

Have you heard of the famous Mui Ne fishing village near and far?

What does Mui Ne fishing village in Binh Thuan have that also becomes a tourist destination chosen by tourists to explore?

Surely one thing here is not only attractive by the hustle and bustle of the coastal people but also attracts tourists because of the unspoiled natural landscape of the promised land.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

Mui Ne Fishing Village is located along the coast of Mui Ne. The fishing village is about 1km long, this is a beach with cold calm waves, suitable for ships to avoid shelter on stormy days. Nestled quietly on the romantic Huynh Thuc Khang street, interspersed between many tall coconut trees unique to the coastal regions.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

The interesting point of the fishing village is that it is not only peaceful, but charming, attracting tourists by the wonderful nature, but also the living rhythm of the coastal people who are still struggling and arduous.

Conquer Mui Ke Ga Phan Thiet to know Binh Thuan has such a beautiful place!

So what does Mui Ke Ga in Binh Thuan have to do? Ke Ga Cape, also known as Mui Khe Ga or Hon Ba, is located in Thuan Quy commune - Ham Thuan Nam - Binh Thuan and is known as a cape protruding into the East Sea quite unique in Phan Thiet.

Ke Ga Cape is not really a "cape" like Mui Ne or Dat Mui but it is actually an island half a kilometer from the mainland. The special feature of the Ke Ga cape is that it is as isolated as a peninsula at high tide and at low tide, it reveals a long sandy beach to connect Ke Ga with the mainland on a strip.

Referring to Phan Thiet, people immediately think of the land with many beautiful beaches, but Ke Ga is not among them.

Because this place is still too wild, the rocks protruding into the sea are somewhat rough and thorny, especially it is arranged in shapes that evoke curiosity for tourists. People call these rocks the rock garden of Phan Thiet.

Ong Dia rock beach - mysterious and wonderful in the sun and wind in Phan Thiet

Ong Dia rock beach is also known as Ong rock beach, 10km from the center of Phan Thiet and located in Ham Tien - Phan Thiet - Binh Thuan.

What's so beautiful about Ong Dia rock beach in Binh Thuan? Mother Nature has favored Phan Thiet with many beautiful scenes and Ong Dia rocky beach is among them. With a beautiful road, nature harmonizes heaven and earth and cool air all year round.

hottest tourist attractions in Binh Thuan

With such favors, Ong Dia rock is a great destination to forget the troubles of life. Seeing the waves crashing on the shore and the rising and falling tides make everyday worries and hardships seem meaningless.

Take your vacation to discover the land and people of the dear Binh Thuan land to see what's so special about Binh Thuan!