Name 7+ Hai Duong specialties that are so delicious that you can't refuse

Referring to Hai Duong specialties, people immediately remember the sweet green bean cake or the fragrant red ripe guava every summer.

In addition, this idyllic and simple land also has many other attractive specialties to conquer the hearts of tourists. Let's discover 7+ delicious Hai Duong specialties with Easygo through this article!

Name the first Hai Duong specialty – Green bean cake

Hai Duong mung bean cake seems to be the first thing people will mention when meeting the people from that land. Famous brands of delicious and quality mung bean cake are sourced here.

This dish is not only delicious in a rustic way but also a gift to send love when people want to give gifts to friends or relatives.

Famous bakeries such as Tien Dung, Hoa An, Bao Hien Golden Dragon, Minh Ngoc, and Que Huong have been attached to the subconscious of Hai Duong people or people in many other regions.

In each production place, the flavor of the cake will be different, but even so, the taste of all places is sweet and moderate, with a faint aroma of grapefruit essential oil combined with ingredients and processing techniques to form a delicious cake loved by many people.

Eating Hai Duong mung bean cake and sipping with a cup of lotus tea is a hobby of the elegant people who are looking for peace in their hearts.

Ninh Giang thorn leaf cake

Ninh Giang thorn leaf cake is a gift filled with the childhood of many generations. Bringing the old features through many generations, the appearance of thorn leaf cake is as rustic as the great things in the past, there is a homeland, there is a kite, there is an image of a mother going to the market to bring a cake for her children.

The special flavor of Ninh Giang thorn leaf cake, as a container and a message to cherish the things of the past, makes the present life more meaningful.

Hai Duong specialties

The black cake crust is sweet, soft, and fragrant, sprinkled with sesame wrapped in dried banana leaves, the filling has the fleshy taste of crushed green beans, the fatty taste of the diced fat, sometimes we can feel the thick, sweet taste of the jam. The secret to creating a sweet and delicious gift from the countryside is full of memories.

Tu Ky sandworm

At first glance, sandworm looks very scary, but when it is processed into fried sandworm, sandworm sauce, braised sandworm, sandworm cooked with bamboo shoots, etc., it is a very delicious dish.

Hai Duong has the natural condition of being land in the Red River Delta, surrounded by large rivers, so when in season, Tu Ky sandworm reproduces a lot, serving dishes for the processing of these rustic dishes.

Hai Duong specialties

The dishes made from sandworm are very easy to eat, have high protein and nutritional value... Therefore, the price of sandworm is always quite high, but it is always in a state of "sold out" because everyone loves this dish.

Ke Sat crispy rolled rice paper cake- a unique Hai Duong specialty

Ke Sat crispy rolled rice paper cake- is a domestic dish that almost every district in Hai Duong has, the cake has the red color of sweet gourd rolled instead of leaving the round shape like other common types of rice paper.

Many households in Trang Liet commune, Binh Giang district have attached and developed the profession of making Ke Sat crispy rolled rice paper cake- for generations. The ingredients to make the cake are made from fragrant rice, broken sesame, large old peanuts, and the kernel is easy to slice when processing, the red color is from the color of the sweet gourd.

Hai Duong specialties

Ke Sat crispy rolled rice paper cake when eaten retains its crispiness, sweetness, and the richness of sesame and peanut blends, very suitable for groups of tea friends to sit together and tell a few stories as gifts. 

Kinh Mon sweet sticky rice cake

Kinh Mon sweet sticky rice cake is a cake made from ginger, glutinous rice, peanuts, and sugar. sweet sticky rice cake is very special because it is often worshiped on the ancestral altar every Tet to spring.

Hai Duong specialties

In this Kinh Mon country to make a delicious piece of cake requires a lot of effort and time, so although it is still present in Hai Duong specialties, the cake is not as popular as before.

Lien Mac Guava in Thanh Ha

Lien Mac guava is a specialty fruit of Thanh Ha land that is grown a lot by people here. Because it is a delicious and famous guava variety, it brings great economic value to the Thanh Ha people.

Hai Duong specialties

Guava in Thanh Ha land is very delicious, has a lot of pulp, the core is very sweet, has a characteristic aroma, and is sold in many supermarkets and stores nationwide.

Thanh Ha lychee

Thanh Ha land is favored by nature for a good strip of land to grow many kinds of fruit trees. Thanh Ha lychee is one of them and is one of the quite famous brands of Hai Duong in the national fruit market.

Hai Duong specialties

Each lychee fruit every summer is plumper, sweeter, and burns even the harsh weather. Thanh Ha lychee goes into people's hearts because of its glossy but not big skin, thick pulp but very small seeds, rich sweetness when eaten, you will be addicted.

In addition to the above-mentioned Hai Duong specialties, you can also enjoy other Hai Duong countryside gifts such as Gia Loc rice cake or vermicelli with perch, which are also quite popular and worth experiencing.

Hope your journey to Hai Duong has a lot of fun and taste many delicious dishes here!