Top 7+ Cao Bang specialties make visitors unforgettable

Cao Bang is not only famous for its historical sites, majestic scenery bestowed by Mother Nature, but it is also known for Cao Bang specialties with Northwest cuisine that make you fall in love.

Let Easygo introduce the Top 7+ Cao Bang specialties that make visitors want to mention it!

7 flavors Roast duck

This is a relatively sophisticated dish right from the selection of ducks. The type of duck used for the dish should be firm and light in feather color. After careful preparation, the duck will be carefully marinated with 7 spices according to the unique heirloom recipe of the Tay ethnic group living in Cao Bang province.

Cao Bang specialties

After the duck is soaked in spices, it will be grilled evenly. While roasting, the duck will be coated with honey to add sweetness and make the duck cooked more evenly. This will definitely be a specialty of Cao Bang that will make you ecstatic at the sweetness of honey and the greasy taste of the well-seasoned chicken.

Cao Bang Roast Duck Pho

Are you too familiar with beef noodle soup, chicken noodle soup of the lowlands? Then roasted duck pho will definitely be a specialty of Cao Bang that you should try without hesitation when coming here.

Neatly sliced pieces of roasted duck, marinated in spices, are spread evenly on a steaming bowl of pho that makes diners swallow. Not only the taste of the broth, the greasy taste of the roasted duck pieces, but you can also enjoy the sour and spicy taste on the tip of the tongue of the pickled bamboo shoots. All create an extremely harmonious flavor that makes people remember forever.

Ant Egg Cake

Ant egg cake is a typical Cao Bang specialty of the Tay people. This is a traditional dish made with glutinous rice flour and ant eggs along with the young leaves of the fig tree.

Cao Bang specialties

The type of ant eggs to make the cake are the same ants with small bodies, small tails, and often nest in trees. Ant eggs of this species mainly appear around April - May every year.

After harvesting, the ant eggs will be mixed with lard and chives and then filled with glutinous rice flour. This mixture is then steamed. The cake when ripe has the aroma of fig leaves and because of the greasy of ant eggs, visitors must be delighted.

Cao Bang Sour Pho

Sour Pho is a specialty of Cao Bang that is relatively sophisticated in processing. Dishes include large Thai Banh Pho, bacon that is marinated thoroughly and then deep-fried, roasted duck with forest spices such as honey leaves, Doi seeds, ... along with fried vermicelli and crispy yam.

Cao Bang specialties

In addition, sour pho is also served with other types of pig organs such as thinly sliced pork liver, fried until golden brown. A bowl of sour pho with such a rich variety of ingredients will be sprinkled with a layer of herbs, roasted peanuts, and cucumbers and finally a very unique ladle of mixed water with a characteristic sweet and sour taste that makes visitors happy to be infatuated. 


Like other highland provinces, pork ribs are one of the specialties of Cao Bang that many tourists choose to buy as a gift.

Cao Bang sausage has a relatively sophisticated processing stage. The filling is made from the carefully selected loin and shoulder meat and seasoned with spices, honey, a little white wine, ginger, and maca fruit pulp. After being stuffed into the fit pieces, the sausages will be dried in the sun for about 2 to 3 days and then smoked on the fire to get a unique smoked flavor. 

Cao Bang Tram sticky rice 

Sticky rice is a traditional dish of the Tay - Nung people in Cao Bang when the weather turns autumn.

Cao Bang specialties

Ripe Tram fruits that are not eaten by worms can be soaked in warm water until soft, then take the meat to mix with sticky rice. Sticky rice with pink-purple color and characteristic greasy taste will surely make you remember forever. 


Pancake is a specialty dish of Cao Bang that is very familiar every winter. This is an extremely simple and familiar snack for every local people.

Cao Bang specialties

There are no fancy ingredients, just a mixture of flour mixed with flexible water and seasoned simply divided into round molds and quickly dropped into a pan of hot oil. However, the taste is extremely inviting to diners from all over the regions.

If you have the opportunity to visit Cao Bang, do not forget to taste this dish!

Cao Bang Black Jelly

Black jelly is a specialty of Cao Bang that is extremely suitable for summer refreshment.

Jelly has relatively simple processing. After being dried, the leaves of the jelly tree will be put in a boiling pot to produce agar. The mixture obtained after heating will be cooled and then filtered through a clean cloth bag to remove residue and residue. Add to the rice flour or tapioca mixture and stir until it comes to a boil to make the jelly chewier.

Soft and chewy black jelly has a mild aroma of herbs. Because of its coolness, black jelly is extremely popular in the summer as a snack or served with tea, tofu, soy milk, etc.

I haven't had a chance to taste all the specialties above, but I hope that in the near future when I go to Cao Bang, I will eat them all! You too ^^!