Go to the Da Lat cable car tourist area to see the panoramic view of the dream city

Dalat Cable Car tourist area is known as one of the longest cable car routes in Vietnam, bringing visitors many new experiences. With the most modern technology from Austria and Switzerland and located at an altitude of 1,600m, visitors will be able to admire the panoramic view of the dreamy Da Lat city in the fog from the direction of the cable car.

About Dalat cable car

Cable car address

Da Lat cable car is located at 1 Dong Da street, ward 3, Da Lat city. This cable car system is located on Robin Hill with an altitude of 1,517m above sea level.

Parameters related to the cable car

Da Lat cable car

  • Length: 2,267m and includes 10 support posts
  • Station area: 7,500m2
  • Total number of cabins: 50 pieces
  • Movement speed: 5m/s
  • Operating capacity: 900m/1h
  • Average travel time: 12/min


  1. Ticket price for adults: VND 80,000/person for round trip tickets, VND 60,000/person for one-way tickets
  2. Ticket price for children: VND 50,000/child for a round trip ticket, VND 40,000/child for a one-way ticket

Cable car opening and closing hours

The cable car starts to open to tourists from 9 am and closes at 4 pm daily.

You can Contact: 0263 3837934

History of Da Lat cable car

Da Lat cable car system was started construction on February 3, 2002, inaugurated on January 24, 2003, at Robin Hill, and officially put into operation on February 1, 2003. The cable car system is designed, manufactured, and installed by Doppelmayr of Switzerland and Austria.

Experience riding Da Lat cable car

How to move from the Da Lat market to the cable car?

To find the way to the Dalat cable car tourist area, it will take you more than 2km, but the road is quite easy to find. When traveling to Dalat, if you rest in some places, you can easily observe the cable car.

Da Lat cable car

From Da Lat market, you cross Ong Dao bridge, then turn left to Tran Quoc Toan street and go straight to Bung Binh. Then go straight on Ho Tung Mau street to Roundabout and then go on 3/4 street.

Move to the end of the road when looking up the slope on the right, you will see a large board stating the Dalat cable car resort.

The best time to travel by cable car

The time frame from 10:30 to 14:30 is not the ideal time to experience Dalat cable car because the hot weather will make you feel uncomfortable. So Tasting TV suggests that you should go in the morning or from 3 pm to 4 pm.

The weather at these times is different from cool with light sunshine, you can observe and feel all the beauty of the city.

Da Lat cable car

If possible, buy yourself a pair of binoculars to see far and more the romantic and poetic scenery. During the holidays this place is very crowded, you may have to wait for a long time, so avoid the holidays to have the best experience!

The beauty in the journey to experience Dalat cable car

The form of observing Da Lat from above is a very new and interesting experience for visitors. Although the trip is short, only 12 minutes, it will be enough for you to feel the soul of the clouds and the sky in Lam Vien Plateau quiet and romantic.

Da Lat cable car

When sitting in the cabin, you will have the feeling of being lost in a fairyland, nature gradually comes into view, from Tuyen Lam Lake, Elephant Mountain, and Ho Xuan Huong suddenly appear small in a whole area.

Interspersed with it are the vast mountains and forests, blooming flower gardens, or villas built in Western architecture mixed with mist.

Da Lat cable car

At the departure station, there are also many catering services, dishes with bold flavors of Da Lat to make your trip more wonderful. Especially, Dalat Cable Car resort has recently opened the program "Coffee feeling on cable at night".

How interesting it will be when in the cold weather covering the whole city, the beautiful city is like a dream hidden behind the shimmering lights.

And you - a guest from far away is leisurely enjoying aromatic cups of coffee rich in the flavor of the Central Highlands and feeling the flavor of the new land.

Da Lat cable car

Da Lat makes people miss you even if you have not yet set foot, so why not schedule a trip to Da Lat in the coming summer days, to escape from the hot sun in the faraway city to feel the life and very unique aftertaste of Da Lat people.

Easygo firmly believes that visiting the Dalat cable car resort will leave you with impressive memories and the imprints of the trip are hard to fade!

Also below are some places you can visit in Da Lat:

  • Chicken Church
  • Bao Dai Palace
  • Truc Lam Monastery
  • Tuyen Lam Lake
  • Lam Vien Square
  • Van Hanh Temple 
  • Specialty exhibition area
  • Forest Flower Resort