Explore “Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel” on the weekend

About 30km from the center of Hanoi, Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel is a famous tourist attraction in Bac Ninh City. Please follow Easygo to this place, learn about the Citadel and enjoy delicious food around Bac Ninh city!

In the history of the struggle of the Vietnamese nation, the Kinh Bac citadel, now known as Bac Ninh citadel, was once a particularly important military position, located in the northern defense line, protecting the capital, preventing invading armies. in front of the gate of Thang Long Imperial Citadel.

How to get to Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel?

From Hanoi city to Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel, it takes about 60 minutes by motorbike and 40 minutes by car, the road is very convenient.

First route

From Hanoi city, you move in the direction of Long Bien bridge or Chuong Duong bridge. If it is Long Bien bridge, you drive straight along Ngoc Lam street, turn left at the green light and red light.

If you go in the direction of Chuong Duong bridge, then go straight in the direction of Nguyen Van Cu Street. At the red light, continue to go straight to the overpass at the intersection between Highway 5 and Nguyen Van Cu Street, then go under the bridge.

Run along Viet Hung urban area and then go to Duong bridge, go to Yen Vien area, then you drive in the direction of National Highway 1A about 13km to Tu Son town of Bac Ninh province.

From this point, still in the direction of National Highway 1A, you go another 12km to Bac Ninh city. You then ask for directions to the Citadel. This is a fairly short route, easy to find, but from Duong bridge to Tu Son town, many potholes are difficult to go, so you should pay attention to the speed, slow down so as not to cause an accident!

Second route

This is a very short road, only about 25km from Thanh Tri bridge point. You drive straight in the direction of National Highway 1, go through about 5 overpass sections, see Bac Ninh General Hospital, then turn left, and cross the bridge that is the territory of Bac Ninh city.

This is an easy-to-go, easy-to-find highway, it only takes you about 30 minutes to go from Thanh Tri bridge to here.

On the way, remember to strictly follow traffic safety rules to avoid being fined and having a disadvantage in the moving process!

The architecture of Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel

Bac Ninh ancient citadel was one of the four most beautiful citadels in Tonkin at that time. The citadel has an area of 545,000 m2, the wall is 9 meters high and covered with stone, behind the wall is made of bricks and stones, the circumference is more than 532 feet 3 meters 2 inches long, surrounded by a deep moat.

At the six corners of the citadel, there is a fortress protruding out, in a typical Vauban style. This is a big citadel after the Hanoi citadel.

Bac Ninh ancient citadel opens 4 main gates (doors): Tien gate in the south, Hau gate in the north, East gate on the left, and West gate on the right side.

Each gate has a bridge over the outer moat. The three gates of Tien, Hau, and Huu inside were built in the year of the Rooster (1805). The upper and lower parts of those gates as well as the side walls are made of earth, brick, and stone.

Inside the gate, there are many tiled houses. The gate on the left inside was built in the year of Giap Tuat (1814) made of earth, above there is a three-room bridge with tiled roofs. Money Gate is the main gate of the citadel, so it is built the tallest.

Through the Tien, the gate is a brick-built flagpole, 17m high, almost equal to the flagpole of Hanoi.

Places to eat around Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel

Fried dumplings

The shop is only open in the afternoon, especially because the cake is delicious, so it always runs out early. Once enjoyed, it is hard to forget the crispy feeling on the outside of the cake, the rich inside includes lean meat, pepper, onions, a quail egg all blended.

Along with that is the sweet and sour vegetable dipping sauce (papaya, kohlrabi, etc., depending on the season) to enhance the taste of the cake.

Location: O Gate, Ngo Gia Tu Street, Ninh Xa Ward, Bac Ninh.

Fish cake

Speaking of fish cakes, it is impossible not to mention the rich taste of fish with spices. Along with that is the pungent spicy flavor of chili, but still does not lose the slightly "fishy" flavor of the fish.

The dish will be especially delicious when eaten hot and eaten in the cold winter.

Location: Korea Restaurant, 23 Ngoc Han Cong Chua, Bac Ninh City.

Steamed rice rolls with grilled meat

With chewy and flexible steamed rice rolls, served with delicious grilled meat. In particular, it is indispensable to have a little crispy non-aromatic purple onion, along with a bowl of sweet and salty fish sauce that blends wonderfully.

Location: there are many selling points in Bac Ninh City.

Toasted bread

Bread is watered by a charcoal stove, covered with a layer of golden butter, creating an unforgettable aftertaste for those who enjoy this dish.

Location: Nhon market, Bac Ninh city.

On weekends, stay away from the hustle and bustle of the Capital. Come back to visit Bac Ninh Ancient Citadel and enjoy the food here that will surely leave you with memorable memories.